The Fake Review Playbook

Sarah Barcatta
Have you ever wondered why on Earth someone might post a fake review? Why would they even bother? Well, after removing 14,000 reviews in 2019, we’ve seen our fair share of fakes and...

How Online Content Can Impact Mental Health

Sarah Barcatta
The internet has made our lives immeasurably more convenient. Ordering food, paying bills, running our businesses - there’s no limit to the its potential. However, the flip side to this ...

Major PR Fails That You Can Learn From

Sarah Barcatta
There are some pretty solid guidelines for what to do to build an online presence for your business, but sometimes the best lessons can be learned by exploring what not to do. This...

6 Review and Reputation Management Myths

Sarah Barcatta
Today the use of digital platforms to curate business reputation is essential for every industry. However, many business owners struggle to keep up with constantly evolving platforms...

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