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    One unfair Glassdoor review was hurting our recruitment efforts, Removify took care of it.
    Alex L. – Melbourne, Australia


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      The way you or your business is portrayed online wields far-reaching influence.

      Complaints and other issues previously dealt with in-person are, now more than ever, relegated to digital territory. Behind a screen’s protection, those who mean to harm your reputation are emboldened to say what they can’t face-to-face.

      When damaging, false or otherwise negative content about you gets posted, you need to act fast. Whether it’s a review, a Google result or an entire web page – the longer you leave damaging content online, the more severely it affects your reputation.

      Removify is here to level the playing field and clean up your reputation. Our thorough and effective services help you breathe easy, putting control over your online representation back in your hands.

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      Disgruntled with the debt collector

      Chasing delinquent customers for unpaid bills is a thankless task – in fact, the better you are at it, the more enemies you make. This global company based in Melbourne was being destroyed by negative reviews on Google Maps, for simply doing their job. Our team went to work, removing 32 unfair negative reviews in a little over 2 weeks.

      Remove a Google Maps Review

      Removing a recruitment headache

      A good company knows who to hire, and who to fire. Unfortunately this leads to disgruntled ex-employees that can make even an award-winning workplace sound like a sweatshop in China. Removing this biased and exaggerated review from Glassdoor helped this Sydney software company to start attracting star talent again.

      Remove a Glassdoor Review

      Fake reviews causing financial blues

      What’s the difference between a product rating of 3 stars versus 5 stars? For this Brisbane retailer, the answer is about $70,000 per month in sales revenue. In a crowded industry, aggressive competitors were posting fake reviews on a weekly basis. With our help the culprits were identified, reviews removed, and reputation restored.

      Remove a Product Review

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      We remove damaging online content.
      If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay.

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