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Ask customers for reviews, collect feedback, publish positive reviews and manage it all from our Review Optimisation Platform.

Elevate Your Online Reputation

Customer reviews are essential for building a stellar online reputation. With AMPLIFY, obtaining positive reviews is effortless and effective.

Our centralised platform simplifies generating and managing real customer reviews. Tailored to your needs, AMPLIFY automates feedback invitations, making the review process seamless and convenient for your customers.


Key Highlights

Invite Customers

Contact your customers through email, SMS, or opt for the Page-Only feature to encourage them to share their reviews.

Ask for Ratings

Craft personalised, branded landing pages that invite customers to provide their feedback and ratings.

Customer Feedback

Acquire, oversee, and actively engage with customer feedback to enhance your brand's overall experience.

Public Reviews

Encourage customers to effortlessly and promptly share their reviews across a network of 50+ leading publisher sites.

West Australian Institute of Further Studies

"We have seen a great increase in 5-star reviews”

We have seen a great increase in 5-star reviews on Google, which we are incredibly pleased with. Thank you 😊

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More 5-star reviews, more business.

With AMPLIFY, you can enhance your business’s reputation and attract more customers while proactively managing online reviews.

  • 93% of local consumers rely on reviews for evaluating a businesses.
  • AMPLIFY facilitates customer review prompts.
  • White-labeled monthly report for brand perception insights.
  • The data supports the development of a tailored business strategy.
  • AMPLIFY enables consistent review collection.


Highly customisable

Customising the AMPLIFY platform to your business needs is vital for success. Statistics shows the importance of tailored messaging for enhancing online reputation.

  • Modify branding, SMS and email messages, email templates, timing, review rating thresholds, and review platforms.
  • Tailoring your review campaign can lead to increased results and usually achieve more positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • A customised approach can strengthen customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Concentrate on review platforms most pertinent to your industry for improved campaign effectiveness.



Of online shoppers use reviews to guide their purchase decisions


Of consumers will specifically check Google reviews before visiting a business


Of searchers will avoid businesses with negative reviews

Everything You Need to Boost Your Reputation with Positive Reviews

Platforms Supported

AMPLIFY works with platforms such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor, Product Review and many more. You can also add customised platforms or ask us for additional review platforms.

Complaints Management

Collect customer complaints and take proactive steps to address issues using the AMPLIFY platform.

Email Customisation

Customise your email according to your brand, the message you'd like to ask and the timings it gets sent. You can also customise your follow-up email.

Insights Dashboard

See in real-time how your campaign is performing. You can see the amount of page views, number of ratings, average ratings, complaints intercepted, performance over time and much more.

Contact Management

Add contacts via CSV, add them one-by-one or use our BCC email feature to add them automatically. Control, manage and see contact interaction.

Responses and Reviews

View, manage and respond to complaints responses, ratings only and public reviews all in one place.

  • John Anderton

    Shout out to the team at Removify. In 2 weeks they removed some fake Google reviews that we had unsuccessfully tried to get removed for a year. Thank you!

  • Lyn Jolly

    Hugely appreciate how Removify were able to have a review removed that was posted against our business that did not relate to us. Great job!

  • James Tan

    Such an awesome team! They got our negative review down within 12 days. A great reference for my Singapore business community! Professional service Removify provide. Thank you Removify.

  • Adam Sturt

    Removify were able to manage the situation fast and efficiently, they regularly updated us on the progress and successfully removed all false reviews. We cannot thank them enough.

  • Paul Zdzitowiecki

    Removify, do exactly what they promise. They removed a illegitimate review on our google my business page. Service was excellent and the portal easy to use.

  • Ross Kinsella

    Great job in removing a fake google review. Easy, minimal work required by myself and overall great job.

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