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11 Ways Trolls Try To Sabotage Your Reputation

Nick Bell
sabotage reputation

Reputation sabotage is easily carried out while hiding behind a screen and keyboard. The internet – like money, power and politics – can bring out the worst in people who forget reality and feel invincible bringing others down.

But it’s not ok to make undeserving targets feel embarrassed or exploited. Something that seemed funny or okay at the time can live forever in the internet ether. And it can cause you, the victim, a heap of personal and professional problems.

We’ve compiled some of the worst ways that people can experience social media and online reputation sabotage. Much of this is classed as cyber-bullying and if any of it sounds familiar or has happened to you, call us now for fast removal. We’re on your side.

Complaining About You

reputation sabotage

People feel empowered to speak up against people they feel wronged by on social media, however illegitimately. Unhappy customers frequently wage Twitter war on a brand or leave tarnishing reviews on Facebook, but sometimes this is over a minor incident. Being called out online can feel humiliating.

Posting Bad Pictures Of You

It doesn’t have to be you looking a drunken mess at the staff party, but it could be something you don’t want others seeing. A bad picture could be private moment, something you find embarrassing from your youth which paints you in a bad light or even a doctored photo. Whether you’re tagged or not, people who know you may see it.

Digging Up Old Posts

reputation sabotage

Do you have a shady past you’d rather forget? Un-PC jokes and ignorant content posted online – even from years ago – is ammo for your enemies. Can you remember what you used to post? Facebook is 15-years-old, after all. If your online reputation matters to you, don’t give them anything to judge you on and start filtering your feeds.

Changing The Meaning of Your Posts

A comment being taken out of content online can have major repercussions to your reputation. Ambiguous or potentially inflammatory tweets you thought were an obvious joke can be interpreted in many ways, so keep an eye on what you publish and how it sounds. 

Posting Lies

reputation sabotage

If someone’s out to bully you online, they may simply start posting lies. This can quickly confuse people who think they know you, including your followers, customers, colleagues and peers. It can be terrible for business buy you don’t have to let untruths put your reputation at risk. Let us get to the bottom of it and help to restore your image.

Stealing Your Images

Has someone reposted a photo you took without crediting you properly? Have you seen a picture you own that’s of value to your brand identity being passed off as someone else’s? This is first-class reputation sabotage and feels infuriating for the afflicted. Unfortunately, it happens more than you might think. So what can you do about it? Removify can address this for you quickly.

Copying Your Images

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Anyone remember when reality TV star Lauren Goodger seemed to copy (and alter) another model’s picture and post it on her own Instagram? There was also the war between a Chicago influencer and her doppelganger that had everyone confused about who was copying who.

If someone like this is imitating your creations, it can feel like an infringement on your creativity – and it is not okay.

Creating Imposter Accounts

Imposter accounts are at best annoying, but people who pretend to be you online can pose a serious risk to your online reputation too. If this copycat account starts posting vile opinions, bullying others or messaging people, other Instagrammers or Facebook users might think it’s coming from you.

Posting Personal Information

Having your personal information, such as your address, salary or when you’re going on holiday, posted online makes you vulnerable. These details have no place being public information and it’s not right when someone feels at liberty to share them with the world, i.e. participate in ‘doxing’. This poses a risk of not only reputation sabotage but also to your safety.

Harassing You

reputation sabotage

When people leave unfair reviews about your business online, it feels like personal harassment. Someone defined as an internet troll may be hiding under an incognito profile to post nasty or threatening comments. Whether it’s on your social profile or on review sites elsewhere, it’s potentially damaging to your reputation. Get Removify to address it for you.

Posting Revenge Porn

This is one of the worst ways people try to humiliate you online. It’s a gross violation of trust when someone posts intimate, compromising content. This may have been intended only for them – or perhaps you didn’t even know it existed.

We’re on your side. Contact our professional content removal specialists today.

Recover From Reputation Sabotage With Removify

It’s not fair when keyboard warriors or perhaps even your competitors attempt reputation sabotage, setting out to tarnish your social media image. Cyber-bullying has never been ok and we’re not about to start putting up with it now.

We’re here to help protect your reputation and alleviate concerns that your friends, family, partner or employer may see compromising material. Removify’s expert content removal strategies get negative content and harmful accounts taken offline quickly, discreetly and effectively. If we don’t succeed, you don’t pay.

Talk to us today about how we can help to reclaim your reputation.