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We’re Business As Usual During COVID-19

You don’t need us to tell you that these are crazy times. You probably also don’t want to read your 1,000th “COVID-19 update” of the week. So let’s keep this one brief. 

Like everyone, at Removify we’ve had to adjust. Our team has been working from home since the middle of March, and fortunately as a tech-driven company this was a seamless process for us. We had already performed “test runs” during the last Christmas & New Year holiday period, and our internal systems do not rely on our team members to be in the same room whatsoever.

The only impact to our operations have been “downstream”, while we wait for some of the publishers we work with to catch up and respond to our queue of requests. For example, Google has moved a significant portion of its workforce to remote work. This caused some initial downtime, however we are seeing their team “ramping up” again now and expect that a slightly throttled version of “business as usual” will resume for them soon.

Many other publishers we work with were already powered by remote teams, and have therefore not been impacted.

How does this impact me if I need content removed?

New Clients

If you need new content removed, it is largely business as usual. Contact our team to show the troublesome content, so that we can give you the most up to date expectations for that content.

With virtually all commerce now starting online one way or another, the way your company appears is more important than ever. Losing potential new business due to poor “brand hygiene” could be truly catastrophic.

Existing Clients

If you are an existing client, all we ask is a little patience. We are working harder than ever, and any delays are almost certainly due to publishers such as Google temporarily holding things up.

We encourage you to use our online portal to view the current status of your project and to communicate with your Account Manager as needed. We will still notify you of any important progress that occurs.

Since Day 1, Removify was built to support businesses in times of distress. Let us assure you, nothing has changed!

Click here to contact the team, they’re isolated at home and would love to hear from you!