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Throughout the removal process, we will keep you updated on the progress and our confidence level in having it be successful. If we have not removed the content within 60 days, we will offer you up to 3 options:
  1. If we believe that there is still a chance of success, we will inform you of the status and our intended strategy for continued attempts. You will then have the option of extending the time window to give us more time to implement that strategy.
  2. If we do not believe that outright removal is likely to succeed and our options to do so are exhausted, we may offer alternative options that help to mitigate the damage. In some cases these options are equally effective to complete removal, however in all cases these alternative strategies will be completely optional and allowing us to pursue them is up to you.
  3. If the content is not removed within 60 days, you will always have the option of accepting a full refund of your removal fees.