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The cost for removing a review from Google varies based on the content in question. We will need to see the review/series of reviews before we can provide you with a price estimate. The cost will be dictated by the anticipated timeline and the scope of work required. There is no commitment or risk in contacting us for a confidential discussion. After examining the content, our consultants can usually provide a quote on the same day at no cost to you.

Remember, you only pay for what we successfully remove. We will however ask for a small deposit before we begin which is fully refundable if we are unsuccessful. We aim to be an affordable alternative to engaging in legal services, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. As such, our prices are typically less expensive than a lawyer, who is unlikely to agree to a “no-win no-fee” arrangement and will charge you even if they fail to remove the content. Most lawyers also have zero experience communicating with Google and have a very limited understanding of the technology behind search engines. This approach fails to compete with Removify, as we have vast technological expertise combined with legal professionals who liaise with Google each and every day.