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4 Ways Glassdoor Has Changed The Recruitment Process

Nick Bell

CEO of the Muse, Kathryn Minshew says, “You know, as most entrepreneurs do, that a company is only as good as its people. The hard part is actually building the team that will embody your company culture and propel you forward.”

The simple fact is the recruitment process is laborious. Not only for the job seeker but employers too. It’s difficult for anyone to know whether a candidate will embody the company values and skills via a resume alone. This is where the internet comes into play.

Now, job seekers have a lot more information about a company at their disposal before the application process begins. They can learn about the atmosphere, interactions between colleagues and even the recruitment process before applying.

Glassdoor provides a platform for current, former and prospective employees to voice their experiences about a business. Essentially, they can leave reviews, and with reviews being the new digital word-of-mouth, it can truly determine the level of applicants applying to your business.

What’s daunting is that 94% of people will avoid a business associated with negative reviews. Additionally, 70% of job seekers use Glassdoor reviews when searching and applying for a role. Furthermore, a Glassdoor U.S Survey found that on average, applicants look at a minimum of 6 reviews before making a decision.

Due to this, it is imperative to have a positive online presence to recruit the best candidates for your business. Removify is a business which specialises in the removal of harmful content. Their specialists can help erase any misleading content to keep you ahead of the game.

Read on to see how Glassdoor is changing the recruitment process and how Removify can help:

1. Employee/prospective employee reviews


Have you ever had a bad experience with an employee or prospective employee? Alternatively, as a job seeker, have you ever had a horrible experience with a potential employer? Have you ever shared this experience? If you said yes to any of the above, Glassdoor is probably a site you’re familiar with.

Even though Glassdoor is a recruitment website, it differs from others such as Linkedin as it provides a platform for employers and applicants to share their positive and negative experiences with the world.

Consequently, this can provide an adverse online presence for your business resulting in desirable applicants distancing themselves from your company.

There is no need to worry; misleading or false reviews posted by disgruntled former employees or trolls can be removed. This will remedy any online damage to your presence and ensure the best applicants are putting their foot forward for your business.

2. Prior Knowledge


Glassdoor has revolutionised recruitment procedures as applicants can be informed about a company before applying with a simple Google search.

Statistics show that 75% of consumers won’t go past the first two pages when reading reviews, highlighting the importance of a first impression.

With Glassdoor sitting on the first page of search results applicants can find previous employee views, salaries, corporate structures, interview processes and a business’s authenticity in minutes. Furthermore, businesses can promote their accolades, illustrating a positive presentation to sway uncertain applicants.

Additionally, employers can gain analytics on Glassdoor users to promote their content towards desirable applicants to streamline the recruitment process.

If at any point inadequate content is uploaded, Removify can erase the subject matter to best display your business.

3. Managing Reviews


No company can be 100% perfect in the recruitment process or daily activities. However, it shows tremendous value when a business can respond to negative feedback demonstrating its willingness to improve.

Glassdoor provides employers with a platform to respond to reviews from both current and former employees. It is a free way to optimise your online presence, define your cultural values and demonstrate your conflict resolution procedures. It will illustrate to prospective employees your workplace atmosphere via transparency.

Additionally, it allows you to see what recruitment practices are working and what areas could be improved.

Glassdoor also provides the opportunity for employers and employees to offer interview tips to help increase the base knowledge of the company for applicants to place their best foot forward. This is cause for concern as disgruntled former employees may mislead future applicants by disclosing false documentation.

By utilising Removify’s services to eradicate misleading statements, you’ll have peace of mind knowing no applicant is being misled by vengeful content.

4. Gain Competitive Intelligence


You can never have enough information about your competitors. Glassdoor allows you to visit your business competitor’s profiles, advertisements and reviews to show you whom you’re competing against and how you compare.

Additionally, it can help you reform your profile to make your page stand out to future applicants by studying the strengths and weaknesses to create an eye-catching profile. Consequently, it will help differentiate your brand and illustrate how your opportunities could better support an applicant’s career progression.

Glassdoor will allow you the opportunity to study fellow critiques and see if they align with harmful content uploaded onto your platform to determine if competitors are working against you. If so, Removify can erase it to secure your reputation and contribute to your future success.

If you are looking for more advice on reputation management or the removal of damaging content to secure the best applicants, Removify has you covered. If you need some tips for responding to bad reviews, check out our Business Owners’ Ultimate Guide here